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Cut Off Your Hands Jewellery

Medusozoa earrings - ready to ship

Medusozoa earrings - ready to ship

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Rock the Medusozoa earrings and channel your inner dangerous beauty! These statement pieces feature cool textured metal with a hint of pearl detailing - perfect for a grunge-glam look that will strike fear into the hearts of your admirers. Named after the pretty but deadly Box Jellyfish, these earrings show that beauty can be both captivating and a force to be reckoned with.

Sterling silver, freshwater cultured pearls

These have a drop of about 10cm from the ear

Approx weight of each earring is 8.7g


CARE INFO - Cultured freshwater pearls are porous so it's important to keep them out of water and away from chemicals. I recommend putting on sunscreen, perfume etc before and letting your skin dry before putting your jewellery on. They are a fairly soft organic gem so take care to avoid giving them big knocks or dropping them as they can scratch. You can give them a clean occasionally using a damp soft cloth and some mild pure soap, just don't submerge the pearls in water :)

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