I want your COYH pieces to last forever and there is a few things you can do to keep them in tip top shape!

Keep your jewellery out of water, that includes the shower, the ocean, spas, swimming pools etc.  Your jewellery, depending on the metal you have chosen for your piece, can react with chemicals such as chlorine and can tarnish which cause a discolouration on the surface of the metal. Your own skin, especially if you have moisturiser/sunscreen/perfume/cologne etc on can cause this reaction too! So try and avoid any prolonged contact with such chemicals and don't store your rings in the bathroom!

Most of this tarnish can be polished away. I include a little polishing cloth with your order which can be used to keep your jewellery looking shiny but if it isn't getting it all off you can send your piece back to me for a clean and polish for a small fee.

You can also give your jewellery a clean with some pure soap and a very soft toothbrush. Get in behind the stones (if your ring has them) and inside the ring and gently give them a scrub then dry off with a clean cloth (a clean cotton tea towel will do) and then polish with your cloth.

If you want something more that has a bit more grunt and is bigger you can order a larger polishing cloth from my website too (under accessories)

A lot of my work uses oxidisation to create those darkened textures. This can slowly start to wear away over time,  if you choose to send back for a clean and polish I can re-darken those parts so it's looking good as new again also!