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Dissolute necklace

Dissolute necklace

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This stunning handmade necklace is crafted by hand featuring two freshwater pearls for a decadent, delicate look. Lightweight and easy to wear, its exquisite design will complement any outfit. Perfect for a night out or to amplify any look.

Sterling silver, lightly oxidised.

Your choice of 40 or 50cm long

CARE INFO - Cultured freshwater pearls are porous so it's important to keep them out of water and away from chemicals. I recommend putting on sunscreen, perfumes etc and letting your skin dry before putting your jewellery on. You can give them a clean occasionally using a damp soft cloth and some mild pure soap, just don't submerge the pearls in water. They are also a soft organic gem so best to avoid dropping them or scratching them against anything hard.

Made to order this will take me approx 3-4 weeks to complete.

Photographer: Beyond Mad Photography

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